From the moment I found out I was expecting back in March of 2011 I was so excited. I was filled with joy. As the months rolled by I had yet to find out the sex of my baby. By the 7th month my baby finally decided to show me what SHE was. After doing my normal routine check up that day i went home to rest. A few hours later I received a phone call from my OBGYN. He briefly explained to me that my ultrasound pics seemed to look abnormal and that my baby's head was rather bigger than its suppose to be at that age.

He than told me I would need another check up to verify his findings. The following week I went in for another ultrasound and my doctor discovered that my daughter had expanded ventricles in her brain. He explained to me that it was called hydrocephalus. And that my baby would need surgery after she was born to place a shunt in her head. He told me that her brain needed help getting rid of the spinal fluid that was built up in her brain and that that was what the shunt was for. After hearing the news of my baby's condition, I was devastated. I didn't know how to act or what to expect. As it got closer to my due date I did as much research as I could to learn how to raise a child with hydrocephalus.

On November 5th, 2011 I was feeling some serious cramping and pains in my groin area. I took myself to the hospital that morning and the doctors told me I was in labor. My due date wasn't until December 7th. So I still had a month to go. The doctors decided to give me some medicine to stop my contractions. They were worried about my baby so they decided to Medivac to me to another hospital located on Oahu called Kapiolani women's and children's Hospital. I was in the hospital for 1 week until they finally released me. Still pregnant i stayed in Oahu until it was time to have my baby.

I was scheduled to have a c section Dec 2, 2011. But my water ended up breaking on November 13, 2011 and my Aubrey was born @ 8 lbs 4 oz. She was rushed to the NICU where they could take better care of her. I remained in recovery for 1 day until I could finally see my baby. 3 days later she would have her surgery and have the shunt put in. I cried and cried for days wondering what did I do to cause this. Aubrey had to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks just to make sure she was safe to fly home with me.

We finally fly home and get back to our house and let me tell you how great it felt to be out of hospital after being in one for almost a month. Months went by and slowly Aubrey was showing signs of improvement. She began babbling and crawling. All the things that her doctor said she would have a hard time doing. She proved them wrong. Now at age 4 she is walking, running, and talking non stop. She has grown beautifully. All of her check ups and MRIS have been good. No alterations to the shunt have been needed so far. She's happy and healthy.

I look forward to watching my daughter Aubrey continue to grow. Thank God for all the doctors that helped my Aubrey continue to be healthy and happy.