Carson was born January 21, 2008 a healthy baby boy weighing in at 11 pounds 4 ounces. He was a very happy baby. I stayed home with him for almost 2 months before putting him in to a daycare center to return back to work. About a week after putting him in daycare I noticed he was not feeling well. Since Carson was my second child I did not think anything of him not feeling well.

It started on a Thursday night when I noticed he was not feeling good. I arrived at work on Friday morning I told my coworkers that I would probably get a call to go pick him up. I never received a call, however when I got home he did not seem any better. I fed him and put him to bed a little early. When I went to check on him he had thrown up in his bed. I kept a close eye on him all night. Saturday his condition worsened. He would not take a bottle and when he did he would throw up. I took him to the ER, there they gave him fluid, told me he had a “stomach virus” and sent us home. Sunday came and still the symptoms worsened. I brought him back to the ER where I felt the nurses treated me as if I was an over concerned parent and were rude to me for bringing him back in. Again I was told he had a “stomach virus” and sent us back home.

On Monday morning April 7, 2008 around 10 A.M I brought him to my Pediatrician. She took one look at Carson and knew right away something was wrong. Her words to me “this is not your baby.” Carson was lethargic, had not eaten in days, and would let out a horrible screech instead of crying. (This is known as a neurological cry).

My pediatrician sent me back to the hospital where she ordered a CT of the head and an ultrasound of the tummy. After both tests were performed my husband and I were informed they had found what was causingCarson’s symptoms. We were bought into a room where we were told Carson’s CT showed fluid on the brain a condition known as “Hydrocephalus”. The ER had already contacted Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis MN and had an ambulance ready to transport us.

Upon arriving to Children’s we were greeted by the Neurosurgeon and his PA. We were shown a shunt and explained to how one worked. They took my baby and brought him in for surgery around 7 P.M. This was one of the longest days of my life.

Carson is now 4 years old and we are thankful every day for the joy he brings into our lives. He is a very funny, smart, and loving little boy. He loves playing outside, riding his bike and doing everyday “boy things”. He is an inspiration and we love him very much.