Our granddaughter, Daytona Burr, was born May 8, 2008. As she grew, we noticed that her head appeared larger than children her age and we knew something was wrong. My daughter took her concerns to Daytona's doctor and they started measuring her head. Her head grew 6 1/2 inches in 8 months. Daytona has had some horrible hospital stays. She had a brain bleed and 4 surgeries in less than a year.

An ETV was done and then a programable shunt which gave her a brain bleed. They took that shunt out and then she had an external shunt put in. The surgeon said that she made twice as much spinal fluid as an adult does. Now this shunt opens and drains as needed. Daytona has been surgery free for 2 1/2 years. Daytona has brought so much joy into our family. She can brighten up anyone's day with her big smile and those big blue eyes that just melt you. During all Daytona's hospital stays she always made the comment "No more owies please".

I pray for a cure for Hydrocephalus so Daytona or anyone else never have to have these "owies" again!!!

We love you Daytona!!! Keep smiling!!!