Ezekiel Spinks - age 2

Ezekiel (we call him Zeke for short) was born with Hydrocephalus. My husband and I found out about this medical condition when Zeke was still in my womb during my third trimester. I just remember the doctor giving us the grim news of the fact that he did not know how this condition was going to effect Zeke's quality of living. He said Zeke might not be able to walk, might be mentally challenged and might not be able to talk - he wasn't 100% sure of this, but he just knew from previous cases that something was going to be "wrong" with you. Mind you, he himself never had a case of a child with hydrocephalus. He was reading old research from an old medical book that told him of this depressing outcome my child may have. This information put my husband and I in a head spin. We didn't know what to do, how to react, how to deal. We called our family for spiritual support. We sought out support from other Hydro parents.

Thank goodness for Kim and Michael Illions, DeAnn, NiCole, and the other moms and dads that understood what we were about to deal with and gave us the updated information we needed to take care of Zeke. We prayed. And prayed some more, until finally we realized that there was nothing we could do but trust that Zeke was going to be fine.

Fast forward two years later and Ezekiel is doing absolutely well! I won't lie and say that Hydrocephalus did not effect him and his development - it did. But not as bad as the doctor mentioned to us. Zeke has a physical and speech therapists. He's about six months behind in his development, but that doesn't stop him! He's walking...well, running now! He's talking and my favorite words are, "mommy" and "love you".

He knows where his nose, eyes, hands, toes and knees are! He loves to dance! If you put on anything from Beethoven to Bob Marley, he's moving his arms and his body to the beat!!

I do notice when he has headaches. He puts his hands to his head as if to say, "why me"? I've asked that a million times over and over again. The answer I get is, "We've been blessed to have a special child like Ezekiel in our lives.

There's a special reason why he was chosen to be with us, so I guess that makes us pretty special people too!"