My son, Jack Murphy, was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst in his brain at 32 weeks gestation. I had been in the hospital since 24 weeks on bedrest due to preterm labor. Despite countless ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy, the cyst went undetected until 32 weeks.

Jack was born a bit early but no real complications during his birth. We followed up with a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephanie Einhaus, shortly after his birth. She confirmed that the cyst was growing and causing fluid to accumulate in his brain. He was then diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She attempted a cyst fenestration, but it soon became apparent that he would need a VP shunt. His shunt was placed at 6 months of age and he has had 3 revisions.

Overall, Jack had 5 brain surgeries before he turned 10 months old. He is currently 3.5 years old and his shunt is working beautifully! He is developing typically and is undistinguishable from other "typical" children. We owe all of this to early detection and our incredible neurosurgeon, Dr. Einhaus and LeBonheur Children's Hospital.

We are so thankful that he has had the best possible outcome, and we are blessed beyond measure with our sweet little boy. He didn't have the easiest start to life, and my husband and I were quickly initiated into parenthood and the worry that comes along with it.

He is showing us everyday that we all are stronger than we think, and braver than we believe!