My son Jordan was born in March of 1997. We had no idea that he had Hydrocephalus when he was born. When I took him for his 1 week checkup his head had Grown an Inch. The Doctor trying not to worry me asked me to come back the following week..

When we went back the next week his head had grown another inch so we were referred to a pediatric neurosurgeon at Wolfson children's Hospital in Jacksonville Fl. At three months old he had a Third ventriculostomy which failed. He had a shunt placed on September 5, 1997 at 6 months old at which time his head was 55 1/2 cm. That was his first and ONLY shunt to date. He continues to be seen yearly at the University of Florida Neuro Science center in Jacksonville Florida. I thank God for His continued health.

Jordan is now a junior in High School. He will be 18 in March and is doing very well. He has had some problems in school and has an IEP. With the modifications that we have in place for him he is able to keep up with his peers in school and has plans to attend college after Graduation.

He is a very Intelligent and caring you man and I thank God every day for allowing me to have the honor of being his Mother.