We found out we were pregnant in October 2009. We had waited 8 long years to finally have another addition to our family. We had a scare in our 2nd month of pregnancy. After that things were going great. We wanted to know what we were having so we went in at about 15 weeks to get an ultrasound.

Thatís when the Dr. told us the baby had extra fluid on her brain. We were so devastated, all I could think was why us, what did we do, could this be fixed, how was she going to be? We were so scared!

We were scheduled to visit a specialist in St. Vincent Women's center. We had weekly ultrasounds to monitor the baby. Before she was born we got the news that it was a little worse and they would have to do surgery when she was born (scary).

We got to visit the NICU and the Doctors and nurses that would care for our special baby girl. We went to visit the Neurosurgeon right before she was born where we found out about the surgery she would be having.

ON May 10th our precious baby girl was born 4 weeks early. She didnít have to have her surgery right away like they thought. She did have to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks due to feeding problems, but she got to come home.

One month after being home, baby Melissa had to finally have her shunt put in due to more fluid build up. She has been so lucky she hasn't had to have any more surgeries. But it is so scary still.

She stayed in the hospital 1 day after surgery and has been great since then. She does have some delays physically and mentally which we receive First Steps. They are talking about her going to a developmental preschool (I'm nervous about the whole school thing). She has been so wonderful through everything she is a very happy little girl.

We love our baby so much and glad we are glad we were blessed to have her.