My husband and I found out we were pregnant in April 2009. we were so happy and could not wait to tell our families! I had an easy and healthy pregnancy. Quentin was born on December 4, 2009, he was prefect. We were so happy, we got to go home 2 days later.

Quentin is our first and only child so everything was new to us. My husband went back to work a month later and I had him to myself. With a new baby you always have visitors, one time when my Aunt came to see Quentin the first thing out of her mouth was "Wow his head got big!" I didn't think anything of it because I was a new mom and my son was absolutely perfect to me so I didn't see anything wrong with him.

On February 4, Quentin had his 2 month check up the nurse took us back to the room ( i was by myself because my husband had to work) and she told me to undress him, she looked at him once and said she would be right back, when she came back the doctor was with her, the doctor looked at me and told me I had to take him to the children's hospital right away. She told me that it was likely that Quentin had hydrocephalus.

His head grew 3 cm. in a month it was off the charts, his fontanel was bulging, and you could see a few of his veins in his head also bulging. I had no idea what she was talking about I never saw any of it ( until a year later, now when I look at a picture of him it brings me pain that i never saw it.)

When I got to the hospital my husband was on his way. The doctors all came in and told us that he would need surgery the next morning, they tried to explain hydrocephalus to us but we had never heard of it or even known anyone with hydro. The next morning they placed a VP shunt in Quentin, he did very good, I could not believe a 2 month old could go through all that, it really breaks your heart just to sit and watch helplessly.

We were able to go home 5 days later. Quentin had to start physical therapy because of the shunt placement he had began to get torticollis in his neck, and also didn't have a lot of upper body strength. He was doing great, then 3 month later his shunt got clogged so he had to have a parcel revision, that was a lot easier on him then the first time he wasn't in as much pain thank God.

That was in May 2009 and now he is doing great, the shunt is working, its been 7 months! He is hitting all his mile stones, trying to walk, getting into everything just like any little boy his age, if not worse. Quentin is the most happy baby, always smiling and laughing.

Everywhere I go everyone always tells me that he is so happy and cute! Quentin is God's blessing to my husband and I.