Our journey with Hydrocephalus began when our second child, Tyler, was born into this world. He was perfect : 8lbs 14 oz, 21in long, and a head full of hair. Unbeknownst to us, a danger was lurking in the brain of our new bundle. A few days before our one month well baby check up, I had noticed that Tyler's soft spot was swollen. We saw the pediatrician the next day.

She was unconcerned at first due to lack of other worrying symptoms. We were told to go home and keep an eye on him. At the well baby appointment, the doctor then announced that his head circumference had greatly increased from the last well baby appointment. And thus our journey began - we had an ultrasound, MRI, neuro appointment, and surgery all in the same week.

8 months later, Tyler is now a crawling, babbling bundle of precious boy that brightens our lives each and every day. We are focused on keeping him well and optimistically hope for no shunt revisions. The realistic part of me knows better, but we take each day at a time.